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Guest Chef

The Idea

Mangia with Gigi and Mike is a fully equipped restaurant. If you have a specialty dish, a novel cuisine, or an experimental take on a classic, come and showcase your culinary skills to an audience of eager diners. Let us schedule your menu  and  Mangia will become YOUR restaurant for the night.

How It Works


This truly is a great way to display your skills. Our Guest Chef Night  features top chefs preparing a spectacular multi-course prefix menu for 60 guests. The chefs will be from all different regions, they will vary from a professional chef to a homemade cooking like your mother.  You bring your enthusiasm and your prefix menu — everything else is provided. Once you have reserved your date, you will have a full day to get oriented, get prepped, and get ready to shine!  Your appearance will be featured on our web site and promoted using social media. Expand the buzz by getting the word out through your networks as well. If you have some in mind please contact Gigi or Mike.

The Event

Will be held Sunday afternoon.